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How to setup your domain name on Blogger?

If you have taken the first step of going live with your website by purchasing a domain name and finalized blogger as the platform to go live with your website, then below steps below will help you to get started.

First step is to create a normal blog on Blogger to which we will link our domain name. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Blogger –
  2. Login with your Google Account.
  3. Create a Blog and Choose a Title and Address for your blog.
  4. Choose a theme for your Blog and then click on Create Blog.
  5. Your blog is now live and you can visit it by going to the address you have chosen or clicking on View Blog in the interface.

Next Step is to setup your domain name on this blog. So if your current blog web address is or (please note the extension .in or .com changes based on the country from which you access the blogspot site, so in US it will be and in India it will be then we need to link it to the domain name you have purchased. What we are trying to achieve is if a visitor now types then they should be coming to this blog.

If you have bought your domain name from Bigrock then you can find step by step guide on linking your domain name with blogger at the below link, the guide detailed with screenshots for each step.

In case of Goddady please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to Godaddy and Click on the Domain Name you want to link with Blogger as shown below.


  1. Go to domain details and select DNS Zone and select Add Record as shown in the screenshot below.

Godaddy Adding A Records

You need to fill in the details here which are as follows:

Record Type: CNAME

Host: www

Points to:

TTL: 1 Hour

Please see the screenshot above for your reference.

  1. Similarly create four more A records as per the details below.


Record Type: A

Host: @

Points to:

TTL: 1 Hour

Everything staying the same you need to add 3 more records with IP address being the only change, IP address which need to be added are:

Here is a screenshot for your reference.


  1. Click on Save Changes at top right and do not logout of Goddady.
  1. Open Blogger in a new tab and select the blog you have created. Go to Settings > Basic as shown below. Click on the option Setup a 3rd Party URL for your blog link.


7. Enter the custom domain you have bought on Godaddy and click on Save.


8. When you click on Save you will get an error which says that you must do additional configuration at Godaddy as shown below.



9. Blogger is asking us to add another CNAME details of which have been provided to as shown above. Go to Goddady and then add another CNAME record and fill in the details as shown below. Save the changes.


10. Now go back to Blogger and click on Edit as shown below. Check the Redirect option and save the settings.


Once the setting are configured in Godaddy, it might take an hour or two for it to update and then you can save changes within blogger. Post that you will redirected to your new domain address from your old blogspot address.

Let me know your feedback in the comments section below.